Preparing and Inspiring the Next Generation with the best Capital Market Skills.

SEAICO Technologies Academy is a foremost Capital Market and Treasury Solutions training academy in West Africa. It is setup to drive youth empowerment and job creation in the Capital Market ecosytem where demand for skills outweighs the limited skilled manpower.


Driving Innovations in The Capital Market With Technology.

We are a fast rising Financial Solution and Services Firm, providing Sales, Implementation and Support to Financial Institutions in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Treasury and Capital Market Solutions

We provide, implement and support Treasury and capital market solutions.

Application Design and Developement

We offer application design, integration, implementation and support.

Advisory and Training

We help organizations optimize business processes through training and advisory services.


Our aim is to help the capital market organizations drive sustainable growth by creating needed change and driving the value chain through treasury and capital market solutions.

40+ years in the Capital Markets Systems Implementation space

Our aim is to help the capital market organizations drive sustainable growth by creating needed change and driving the value chain through treasury and capital market solutions.

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Improve your knowledge of the Financial Market

Everyone realizes there is a need for continous learning. The Financial Market is an ever changing sector that requires constant upscaling of skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Treasury and Capital Markets Academy all about?

The Treasury and Capital Markets Academy is a comprehensive educational program designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of financial instruments, treasury operations, and capital markets. The academy aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate complex financial landscapes and make informed decisions in the realm of treasury and capital markets.


Who should attend the Treasury and Capital Markets Academy?

The academy is open to graduates and jobseekers seeking for opportuinities in finance, banking, treasury, risk management, investment, and related fields. It is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their expertise in treasury operations, capital markets, risk management, and financial analysis vis-a-vis Financial Technology ecosystem.


What topics will be covered during the Academy?

The Academy will cover a wide range of topics, including: - Introduction to Treasury Management - Money Markets and Foreign Exchange - Debt and Equity Capital Markets - Risk Management Strategies - Derivatives and Hedging Techniques - Asset Liability Management - Regulatory Compliance and Financial Governance - Financial Modelling and Analysis - Case Studies and Practical Applications


Who are the instructors and what are their qualifications?

The instructors leading the Academy are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in treasury management, capital markets, finance, and related fields. They hold advanced degrees and certifications, and many of them have worked in renowned financial institutions, bringing real-world insights to the learning experience.


Will there be hands-on exercises and practical simulations during the Academy?

Yes, the Academy will include hands-on exercises, group activities, and practical simulations. These interactive elements are designed to reinforce the theoretical concepts taught during the sessions and provide participants with valuable experiential learning opportunities.


How can I register for the Treasury and Capital Markets Academy?

You can register for the Academy by visiting our official website or contacting our registration team via email or phone. Early registration is recommended, as seats are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your knowledge and advance your career in the exciting world of FinTech, treasury and capital markets!


Will i be given a certificate after completing the academy?

Yes a certificate will be issued to indicate to future employers that you have the comprehensive knowledge of treasury and capital markets


We mean what we say and only say what we mean. See below comments from person's that have passed through SEAICO in-house training in the last few years. The curriculum and training strategy is carefully structured to ensure trainees are well equipped with relevant skills within the shortest time.

The program imparts invaluable knowledge and expertise that can significantly enhance participants' competitiveness in the job market and empower them to excel in their respective roles. Not only does it benefit individuals, but it also proves advantageous for organizations, as their employees become better equipped to make well-informed decisions, mitigate risks, bridge knowledge gaps, and elevate overall performance in managing treasury operations.

Toba Atere

- FO/ALM Business Analyst

From my firsthand experience, I can confidently assert that the Seaico training offers immense value to both individuals and financial institutions' employees. It equips them with the necessary skills to adeptly navigate the complexities of the capital market and harness the potential of the advanced Calypso Software solution, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Omotoyosi Odeyeyiwa

Back Office Business Analyst

Seaico has been an incredible catalyst for propelling my career in the field of treasury Fintech. The entire experience has been nothing short of exhilarating. I wholeheartedly recommend that individuals pursuing a career or already in treasury Fintech space should attend the SEAICO training, as it can unlock a world of boundless opportunities for them.

Nnaemeka Kenneth

- FO/MO Business Analyst

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